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Two in One Year!




People—children—in Cherokee, North Carolina, are dying. Murdered.


The police say things are under control, but the death toll is climbing.


Enter Carl Spaberg, ace reporter: legend in his own mind.


Carl doesn't know why his bosses have sent him to Cherokee, nor does he care. Recently blackballed down to tabloid status, Carl only wants one thing: to break a story so big and juicy it'll catapult him back into the big leagues—and he's not going to let a little thing like the truth stand in his way.


But when the case involves an obnoxious investigator, the world's oldest car thief, and a thousand-year-old ogress, isn't it possible the truth may actually be stranger than fiction?

Beware the thunder!

Starring Carl Spaberg—a character folks seem to love to hate—Spearfinger was a work of love that was a lot of fun to write—as much fun as you'll have reading it!

Oh, look! A book!

It's been a while, I know (since 2018, actually), but I've finally got a new book out!

From the Amazon page:

Old Mr. Ross didn’t believe in LaundryLegs. He thought the monstrous centipede was made up by his wife—a joke to scare their kids. After his wife’s death, Mr. Ross finds himself face-to-face with the creature. Or does he?

Stricken with grief over the loss of his wife, and fearful of his looming mental decline, Mr. Ross begins to doubt his own sanity. Is the monster in his basement real?

Is it an alcohol-fueled nightmare?

Or is he losing his mind?

Greetings and salutations, readers and writers! My name is Rob Smales, and this is my website; a place for stories to be told and talked about, and for me to occasionally pat myself on the back for getting something published. 


So . . . Kind of late for an announcement, but I've been on the New England Horror Writers board since January this year (2023). In case you haven't noticed (or seen/heard me saying as much) I'm terrible at self-promotion. I did say something over on Facebook at the time, but there was definitely a lack of trumpets or other fanfare, and it just occurred to me that I might want to say something about it on my actual damned website.

I did mention the terrible at self-promotion thing, right?

Anyway, you'll see me taking part―and occasionally running―NEHW events and stuff as the year progresses.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress . . .

In Other News . . .

Over in the main page, I talked a bit about the signed, numbered edition of LaundryLegs that's coming out and how cool that feels. What I did not mention was the Deluxe Edition LaundryLegs that Weird House has in the works.​ With five short stories included after the novella, it's double the size and triple the fun, including a couple of new stories you won't find anywhere else!

Just a little something to keep in mind . . .

Site Under Construction!

I'm in the process of giving the site an overhaul—in between writing, editing, and working a day job (yep, in that order). Please bear with me.

Navigation menus may change. Sidebars will change. Things will be updated. Some stuff will be added. Some stuff will disappear.

Come on back every once in a while and check out the progress. I'd love to have you.

Does that sound like fun or what?

If you're interested, the ebook can be found over on Amazon.

Not a fan of ebooks? You'd prefer an actual book? Not to worry, the paperback is coming―but first, the signed, numbered edition will be available from the publisher, Weird House Press! This little baby (my first signed edition ever, so I'm kind of stoked) will go on sale May 15―two weeks from me posting this―but is available for preorder (and a preorder discount) right now, so don't wait! Preorder now!

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